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The world market for Italian luthiers’ masterpieces has been on the constant rise since 50’s. Professional market needs have significantly limited access for collectors. Every soloist and orchestra concert-master is on a quest to obtain Italian luthier masterpieces. Investors from China, Japan, South Korea and other countries of Asia show great interest in obtaining valuable instruments, so the prices on the market are on the rise. The financial crisis of 2007 showed that works of art are immune to value loss and are a good and stable investment, which led to a further rise of prices. Most valuable are the instruments manufactured by Italian masters, Antonio Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu. The increase in value of each multi-million valued instrument is from 10 to 14 % per annum. However, there are occasions, where the instrument has a buy offer with an open check, for example due to the connection of the instrument with a specific country, its history and cultural heritage. On such occasions, the money is no obstacle on the road to become the owner of a priceless work of art.


In 1715, August II, the king of Poland, ordered manufacturing of exceptional violins. The task was entrusted with Antonio Stradivardi. Upon today, the instrument is referred to as Antonio Stradivardi “the king of Poland”. August II began a wonderful tradition upheld by the most outstanding Polish violin virtuosos.

The finest violins in the world, manufactured by Antonio Stradivari and Guarneri del Gèsu are chosen by Polish violinist such as Henryk Wieniawski, Roman Totenberg, Szymon Goldberg, Karol Lipiński, Bronisław Huberman. The Instruments, in the skillful hands of the Polish master violinists, enchanted music connoisseurs on several continents. The Violins carry the names of their outstanding Polish owners. The most of the instruments come from a time period called “the golden period”.